August 23rd, 2013

On this blog I hope to show my development in design through and following my third year of university. It is my third serious attempt at a blog, following my early Tumblr blog and my short-lived, forced WordPress blog.

This blog will likely focus on three things: Graphic Design, Photography and Game Design. While I’ve been practising Graphic Design and Photography for about 8 years, I’ve recently started to experiment with Game Design which has been a dream at the back of mind my for the most-part of my life. The work shown here will likely consist mainly of personal and freelance work, as well as the work done for my final year of Graphic Design Communications at UAL’s Chelsea College of Art & Design.

Looking into the near future, I will mainly be writing about my progress in learning to design games, my progress at university and the process behind my personal and freelance design. I’m also considering writing about things that interest me to better develop my views and understanding of the world, and I’ll be writing about my in-progress final year dissertation on piracy and freedom of the internet.

So far setting this up has been a bit of a mad rush (hence the currently awful theme) – I’ll be participating in the 3-day Ludum Dare Game Jam which begins in 5 hours. During the Game Jam I aim to start and finish creating a game in three days – but more about that later.