Ludum Dare 27
August 23rd, 2013

I will be participating in The Ludum Dare 27 Game Jam this weekend.

Ludum Dare is a competition which occurs about 3 times a year in which creatives aim to create a working game within 48 hours. As I have only been learning to create games for a couple of weeks, I’ll be participating in the Game Jam rather than the competition – the Game Jam lasts 72 hours and has much more relaxed rules.

I’ll be using the following tools –

          × GameMaker: Studio for game development
          × Adobe Creative Suite for art
SFXR and/or Adobe Soundbooth for sound.

My aims for this game jam are to –

          × Finally finish a game – I have a habit of starting them and not seeing them through
          × Develop my skills in design and game development
Make a promising start to this blog

I expect that no matter the theme, my game will be focusing very largely on design/aesthetics as that’s what I’m most interested in developing at the moment.

I’ll be waiting until 2am when the theme is announced and the timer starts, at which point I’ll list some ideas and consider possible directions. I’ll then get a good sleep and get to work in the morning. My plan is to spend Saturday developing my ideas and getting the game’s core down. This will likely spill into Sunday, which will hopefully mainly be about visual design/aesthetics. Monday will be for whatever it has to be.

I’m pretty much shitting it, but I’m absolutely determined to see this through.