Design Process: INNI Record Sleeve
May 7th, 2012

This blog post will run you through the process between my INNI record sleeve university project.

Prior to the project Chadwick insisted that the final design could not be photographically based as
my portfolio was dominantly photography at the time. The push out of my comfort zone made the
brief much more exciting to me.

Initial Experimentation / Idea Generation

Further Experimentation / Idea Generation

I decided to experiment further with what the type had to offer rather than looking for a way to stylize
the final cover.
The IXXI motif was created through duplicating and reflecting the INNI type.

Further Experimentation / Development

Chadwick asked me to experiment further with the motif and see where it takes me.

Further Experimentation / Development

I decided to move away from the computer and look at different ways to recreate the motif using paper.
The one below shows ‘INNI’ written twice, attached to a second piece of paper. As the second piece
is moved, the two words rise to form the motif. The motif casts an elegant shadow and leaves ‘INNI’
written again where it used to be.

Further Development – Colour

Experimentation – Back Cover

Experimentation – Spine

Final Design