London, New Studio, New Stuff, Game Progress.
September 26th, 2013

Yeah~ I’m calling my bedroom a studio now. Well I won’t any more – that would be weird. Just sometimes.

Wanted to get some pictures of my new working space, largely because of my new MIDI keyboard which I love. I’d like to become at least a little bit proficient with music production – I have a lot of respect for sound in film and games, and figured that I should get to a point where I’m quite confident with it. Whenever I’ve tried to work with Ableton or anything in the past it has been an overwhelming nightmare, but the MIDI keyboard helps me out a lot.

I’ve also been making a lot of progress on my Android/IOS game.

Most of what you see there are just placeholders while I continue to get it all running nicely – the eye-cancerous background for example helps me get an idea of the player’s speed. Trying to work on creating the illusion of an endless room – it’ll require a seamless transitions between a list of (I expect) 30+ rooms, which will be picked randomly according to progress and inventory. I almost had the problem sorted, but ran into some other issues – should be back on track with it soon. Quite caught up preparing for university and trying to tie up some freelance projects before I’m overwhelmed with uni work, but I expect I’ll have the time to succeed in getting this game out by the end of the year if I stay organised. I’m feeling pretty confident with it.

┬áCan’t stop listening to Disasterpeace at the moment. Dying to play Fez all over again.