Dissertation: Wild Change of Direction.
September 28th, 2013

I had planned on writing my final year dissertation on piracy and the freedom of the internet – I’ve just published the lit review which I wrote back in May, and since then the subject has exploded due to the public’s discovery of the NSA and the Edward Snowden ordeal. The fact is that due to this abundance of new information I’ve become a lot less interested in writing my dissertation on the subject – news on it is developing like mad on a weekly basis, and it’s something that I’d prefer to write about once it has settled a little.

As I’ve made quite clear, I’m very interested in steering the beginning of my career towards independent game design and development. I’m currently trying to learn to code games, produce music and sound effects, work as a freelance designer and get through my final year of university. I’d rather not have to keep up with this freedom of the internet business too – it would be much more beneficial for me to spend the time researching game design instead, as this will allow me to become much more informed in the industry that I would like to go into. Performing research for my dissertation which will assist everything else that I’m doing over the next year (and hopefully beyond) just makes much more sense.

So currently I’m trying to come up with what exactly I’d like to write about within this field. I’ve started on my list of books to read –¬†work by Roger Caillois, Johan Huizinga and Brian Sutton-Smith seem like great places to start, a lot of it is about the absolute basic mechanics in any games (not just computer games), most of their work being published in the 50’s – 80’s. I’d really like to get a historic understanding for my dissertation.

I’ve also been watching a lot of lectures by developer and designer Jonathan Blow on the ethics of game design, although I’ll have to re-watch them again after everything that I’ve learned over the past 3 months. There has been a lot more research done, but I’ll really need to get my head down if I really want to write something worthwhile on the subject.

Very early ideas for areas to write it on are

All of these are very rough and open areas, but I’d just like to get some ideas down – I haven’t got long to make a decision. What really appeals to me is experimental game design, and pulling computer game design away from the screen. To tear the term down a little, I’m very interested in audio-visual interactive art I guess.

I’ll be researching like mad, and I aim to spew it out all over this blog.