Design Process: Death in Texas Logo
October 31st, 2012

This blog post will look at the process behind my design for Death in Texas’ logo. You can check it out in my portfolio here.

After sketching out various ideas and concepts, initial ideas were looking at the ‘xXx’ (seen in a lot of classic cartoons and films based in the Wild West), sheriff’s badges and revolvers:

With the revolvers being the strongest/favourite idea, I started to experiment with type:

I looked into a compromise between a modern sans-serif typeface and a western-themed one:

Next I looked into developing the revolvers’ presentation and how to better show the ‘X’:

The chosen motif left a large gap between ‘DEATH’ and ‘TEXAS’ which at first I found awkward, so tried to fill in:

None of these were very satisfying and felt very military-like. I took another look at classic revolvers:

I sketched out different patterns inspired by the ones on the firearms and created these:

These felt way too over the top. We took another look at the logo without anything to fill in the gaps and thought that it looked great as it was. I made some final adjustments (for example the revolvers were made to follow the angles of the X – the part under the barrel made flat  with the feet of the X, and the angles on the body of the revolver following the same angle as the X) and we agreed on the design below.

It was finished and we were all happy.