Coding Done & General Updates
September 14th, 2013

I finished coding my new portfolio / blog about a week ago! After being with CargoCollective for a year, I wanted to try a platform which would give me more freedom. I gave self-hosted WordPress a shot and it’s fantastic. The website was coded from scratch in a week – this tutorial got me started and I made it my own from there. It even maintains the practicality of Cargo – whenever I want to add a new project to my portfolio I file it under the ‘portfolio’ category – from there the coding I’ve put in place does its stuff and puts it into the right place. Learnt a lot about HTML & CSS in the time that I got it done. It’s not entirely done however – I have an about / contact page planned. I just wanted to get a new self-portrait for it and am in serious need of a haircut ha. I’ll get round to it!

Now that it’s up and ready, I’ll be gathering my dissertation research and documenting it here over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime I’m working with a couple of US-based independent record label Element One Entertainment’s artists to produce logos & promotional work in time for this fall, whilst also finishing up on my work for the Bullfinch Brewery which has been slowly developing since early this year – I’ll be posting details on both once they’re done. There’s another logo under development for another start-up, and I might be working alongside an independent game developer as the artist on his game – it would be a very chilled-out arrangement if we go ahead with it.

Besides those, I’ve set myself a target for getting a small Android/iOS/Windows Phone game out by the end of the year – I’ve been spending the last couple of days learning how to get swipes to register and how to draw the scene & GUI on different phones and screen sizes – it’s turning out to be much more complicated than I expected. Cannot wait to get down to the design side of things.

I’ll be back at university in a couple weeks too – very intimidating realisation, I really hope that I’ll have the time to get the rest of these commitments done alongside uni work!