Ludum Dare: 10 Seconds
August 24th, 2013

The theme was announced last night – 10 Seconds. There was a massive collective sigh on Reddit as so many people really didn’t want that theme – I wasn’t too keen on it myself, but I’ve quickly sparked an interest.

I wrote down some ideas last night, and continued working on some this morning – I think that I’m going with having a character who has to make some sort of urgent journey. The game will consist of a number of 10-second scenes in which the player has to achieve something within the 10 seconds or he’ll fail/die. For a placeholder name I’m thinking of going with ‘Deathwish Dan’, and after a number of ideas for a journey I’m considering him waking up to discover that his wife is in hospital in labour, and he’s rushing to be there for his child’s birth.

I think that I’m going to get some very early engine mechanics down, then move right on to artwork then develop the game itself.